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Super good news, friends! We are hiring!

Over the few years, Wendy and I have had the opportunity to build our little real estate team to include people besides just us, and guess what? It’s been awesome. And that’s putting it lightly…. We love our team so very much. It’s good to not work alone.

Here’s who we’ve currently got on our team:

  • Wendy – She is the glue that holds the team together. Mentoring, masterminding, supporting and everyone’s fearless cheerleader.
  • Lindsay – Me! Hello again. I manage the listings and hold things together. Using my 31 years of experience to help everyone on the team navigate the ups and downs of the market. (and we have seen a few ups and downs this past year)
  • Danielle – Admin/referee and chief client juggler. She communicates with the clients and makes sure that all that nasty paperwork is taken care of, allowing us more one on one time with our clients.
  • Peter – Videographer, photographer and drone pilot. He is the one that makes everything we have a sold sign on, sparkle online.
  • Bev – Our home stager who takes ordinary to extraordinary!
  • Jane – The lawyer we adore. She is one of our fav lawyers we refer and is always available to answer questions we might have when it comes to tricky contracts.

And now we are looking to add to the team again, to attract another talented person to help us in our growth curve. Talent that is experienced in creating and editing the most amazing videos and the ability to position them to let the world know how amazing we are in creating relationships. This excellent person is able to work in a highly energetic, (and at times “off the wall crazy”) structured, supportive and education/mentoring based team environment. If 2018 will go down as a year where your efforts were not rewarded in fun at work and income – we want to help with that change. Our main goal (well other than creating raving fans who buy or sell homes with us) is to surround ourselves with team members who share our passion for wealth; both financially, in family balance and personal growth.

Does this position sound like a fit for you? – if the thought of working alongside us seems like it might be work, we want to hear from you. Please shoot us an email with some creative content and we can meet for a coffee. lindsay@soldbylindsay.com

And if not, we are asking a little favor: Will you share this career opportunity with your creative friends who may be looking to make 2019 a “knock it out of the park” year. We are looking for someone to thrive and grow with us.

Job Description

Position Title: Videographer – Social Media Manager

Main Thing You’ll Do: Work with our team capturing our “good sides” on video and then managing ad campaigns on Facebooks, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Things You Will Not Do: We have rock star administrative support, so you will have assistance to be creative and let us manage the boring and paperwork’y parts of the job.

Schedule: 20 hours per week moving to a full time position.

Compensation: this is a discussion over a coffee

Start Date: last week!  Actually sometime in the next month or two.

We are looking for a person who:

  • Will fit into our amazing (and somewhat nutty) team environment.
  • Is curious about everything. Curiosity is the birthplace of amazing people
  • Is willing to be accountable to a structured yet crazy environment.
  • Is open to learning and growing, finding their ceiling and crashing through it.
  • Is looking to be supported, nurtured and pushed to become the best person, inside and outside of business they can possibly be.

If you have been nodding “yes” as you read this and are excited…we need to chat. Give us a quick email at Lindsay@soldbylindsay.com. The greatest opportunities begin over a coffee.

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